Friendship : Sea of Life

Meeting people is easy. Making friends is hard. Maintaining a FRIENDSHIP is the hardest.

~ Anonymous ~

Hello lovelies,

Some of the people who know me would say that I am one of the friendliest individuals they have met. But, if I was to go up to a complete stranger, then the chances of me being categorized as friendly, would be slim to none. WHY ?

Because I am a total stranger that came up & asked “Am I friendly ? “. Which would not make things end great for me (True story).

Now unlike the above situation, I have managed to make friends & over time, some have begun to love me, some hate me & are no more (they are alive and well) & a handful friend-zoned me.

For those of you who are struggling to make friends, that’s a great way to make friends. Ask someone out & voila they will say “Let’s be friends“. problem solved.

Jokes aside,

in my perspective, having a friend & having a friendship is two different things. It’s like the quote “Fri-END has the part END in it”. Build more friend-ships. Those individuals are there for the journey, the best days of life & for the roughest wave of life.

You would say, that’s not the best example to use because ships do sink. Well, true.


But once the ship sinks , you still have your friend. You two still can make through it.


Only your ship sank & NOT the friend that remembers who you are as a friend when travelling through the sea of life.

Since, this is going towards a philosophical direction let me introduce some practices for our day to day lives.

Since our life events are inevitable & successes as well as failures are a part of our life. There’s no certain time period where we would be successful & where we would fall short. Among such situations the one thing that ensures our sanity is the friendships we make.

Here’s a fun activity for you to do,

take one day.

  • Talk to one person whom you feel you can talk with regardless of who the individual is & the place.
  • If you are a person who takes the usual route, talk to that same person everyday.
  • If your errands vary, build one connection per day.

Repeat the cycle everyday. make it a habit.

Why ?

Because, no matter how high you rise up in life due to your successes & no matter how low your failures would make you go in life socially, economically & prosperity ; You will always have a person whom you have built a friendship with


At the end of the day, we are here to survive. The best way to do that is by building friendships in this sea of life.

Until next time,

I am Mr. Smiles

welcoming all of you to build Friendships.










The Title

It is always said that, “When you are searching for something, the answer lies in-front of you.”

Well, the topic for this post is a result of that.

Hello Lovely Readers,
Before I start, think about the first thought you get when you read the question “what’s a title for you?” & secondly “what can your title do for others?”.

Titles are everywhere anywhere. On a daily basis we see thousands of titles from movie titles to billboard titles & we witness millions of them in a lifetime. In fact, we are surrounded by so many titles that, we ourselves have our own titles, Mr./Ms./Dr./Prof. being some of them.
Although you have no control over being a Mr. or a Ms. , it is simply decided for you when you are born. When you write your name, you will either write Mr. or Ms. based on whether you are a boy or a girl. Because it is the convention & the society’s accepted way. Further, when you grow up, you will pursue more titles such as Doctor (Dr.) Professor (Prof.) & also Reverend (Rev.).

As a fun activity, deliberately mix up Mr. for Ms. & vice versa & you will most probably end up hearing somethings more or less similar ; “But, you are a boy”/ *Confused*(True story) .

This just goes to show you how much we are driven to think in a certain way, because the majority has spoken. But, what about the minority ? As far as numbers are concerned, as long as the count on the minority side is not zero, the minority exists and should be acknowledged.

One the one hand, if anyone wants to change titles, it is difficult. Why ? Because our eye is used to seeing the title & it is a challenge to the already established title & the social norm. And like I said before, if there is one, there is something.

On the other hand, we at times take our title for granted. Unlike, the title we are born with, the rest of the titles we gain, after hundreds of hours of sacrifices throughout a specific time period, we either let that be just a title, or we get lost so much in what the title can do for us rather than realizing what your title can do for others as well as you.

Rewinding back to my first question, “what’s in a title?”. Here’s my view; There’s nothing in it for you except more recognition amidst societies.
Some of you might not have a fancy title. Doesn’t matter.

There’s no magical power which lies in a title enabling you to help others. Everybody has the ability to put out an action, say a word by being within their own abilities & the only title required is to be HUMAN.

For those of you are pursuing titles & having an array of titles,

You will gain more and more titles, But never forget the title which you do not have to do anything to gain; Being Human.

Ending on a thought provoking note,

No matter what title or how many titles you have since you are born or gained, any title is in vain, if you don’t take any action towards helping another.

Until next time,

I am Mr.Smiles
Over and Out.

Social Animal : Being Socially Antisocial To Be Antisocially Social

Good Afternoon lovelies,

            In what ways do you fulfill your need to have a social life ?

This question has been the most thought provoking question to be answered in the 21st century. Furthermore, for the people who say that they have no social life ? Go out there & explore the world.

what is a social life & what does it mean to have one ?

being social is to interact with a person or a group to such an extent resulting in the group to be called allies or friends. Thus, we say that the individual has a social life. The more that individual talked with people, the more he or she widens their social circle & thereby their social life.

The means of improving the social life a person opt to use would vary depending on the era the person belongs to. Now, a person in the mid 1900’s would prefer talking in person over a ol’ cup of joe & the second option would be to communicate via letters & telegrams if it is meant to be a long distance communication.

Downfall of the means of long distance communication in the late 1970’s took place due to the matter which persisted throughout. That being, the sending of one letter taking weeks to deliver & the reply taking another couple of days. In the year of 1984, this problem was solved by two individuals by introducing the…. wait for it..The text message.

It was fast & it was efficient in the process of sending & replying as well. It was the perfect replacement for the inefficiency experienced in the 1960’s.

This revolutionary invention in the year of ’84 did not happen overnight. This started in the year 1954 when the Soviet Union carried out the Sputnik project which grabbed the attention of many nations & their interest in Science & Technology arose as a result. Seeming to be having no connection to the launch of first mobile phone in ’84 isn’t it ?

BUT, unfortunately it is not.

This sputnik project led other nations in the path of science & technology & technological revolution had never seen such competitive years as such experienced during the years from 1962, the invention of the earliest form of internet  up until the year of 1992, the year of the first text message sent.

These two seemingly unrelated events was made interrelated because of one common factor; the smart businessmen in need of new inventions joining the two trends into making one product & then marketing to the hungry wolves we are. Their mantra was based on our needs & that mantra is ” Technology is in, it makes your work smoother & your lives easier “.

If only the inventors knew the unimaginable , irreversible , rapid & last but not least, the competitive technological age which we call the Digital Age caused by their respective inventions I am sure they would regret it and, Why you may ask…


The technological revolution experienced is the most rapidly changing & the most adaptive technological revolutions ever. More technology savvy individuals are in need in the corporate sector as that has been the set trend & it is because of the sole reason to satisfy the marketers need of new inventions. Furthermore, this digital revolution became the most adaptive one to date because, once a product was out, they had another product to replace it. This revolution not only affected the changing of products itself, it changed the mentality of the individuals. This revolution, changed people to create more “inventions” to make lives “easier” & the others to buy the invention simply based on the ” I NEED IT ” mentality.

Now that the ” I NEED TO MAKE IT ” & ” I NEED TO HAVE IT ” mentality was created with time & the persistence of the digital age hanging around for more than two decades made people more tech savvy. Depleting what they were best at; being people savvy if I may say so.

In the early 2000’s on one hand it made things better & on the other hand this new invention made things worse, because we the gullible people were more tech savvy. This invention was; Facebook. It allowed people to connect with people through technology although they were in different parts of the country & even if two individuals were in two different countries. Which solved the aspect of maintaining our social lives. Although the invention was made to improve the social life of an individual, the predisposed mentality made that individual to have it more, because it diminishes all insecurities of not meeting the other in person & if you are good with your words & in typing, VOILA.. you are well off to having the social life you dream to have.

It is a social life nevertheless. One which is virtual. One which halts the opportunities we have in making real life commitments & meeting people in real life. The more friend requests, more followers you get, constant will be the number of people whom you meet in real life that too if you are lucky & higher would be the number of people whom you thought that you shared a social life with. This boost of “social media” applications had the intention of making people connect & promote person to person relationship but alas! The mentality has been altered to such an extent of both marketers of technology & the buyers of technological equipment to such an extent that meeting a person has been replaced with facetming , Talking with texting , Liking , commenting and sharing thoughts in person replaced with three buttons to be clicked. That is not all, how funny it may be, even stalking has been confined to a person staring in to a digital screen receiving all the details he or she needs with the click of a button.

The interesting part is this, what was introduced to solve the antisocial effect of this technological revolution turns out to be another technological platform making us even more tech savvy & even more antisocial than we were at the start. This sort of action goes along with the famous saying ” Adding hay in to bursting flames “.

Let’s agree that it solved the being social aspect part, but as the platform is a free mode of communication, any one & everyone has the chance to express what they feel without personally being affected  & also we have no control over who we are exposed to because anybody can share anything & anybody can be anyone at their own will because they are covered by the mask of “social media”. This is the sole reason for having

  • more hate comments of disgust as opposed to real life objections
  • more heroic events as opposed to real life heroic attempts.
  • More charity work in front of the camera as opposed to doing an act of random kindness daily
  • upload to seek validation from the virtual life you created by being antisocial to the social world you were born into.

trying to be social in the made up world filled with filters, Lies covered up by captions, the 20th attempt of a good picture & originally pure stuff being mocked , people being mocked for no apparent reason. Resulting in,

  • depression
  • social exclusion
  • anxiety

because we have no control over what we are exposed to and who we are exposed to. Even that is one click away.

What have we done to ourselves ?

In a nutshell, we are social animals by default. No denying that. As a result of a rapid technological revolution of such magnitude it started to pose a threat to our social lives by depleting our need to belong to social groups because we were hungry for technology. The solution made us social alright, but it made us create a world which we had no control of like our life & that realization made us be more socially antisocial  while it making us more virtually social. Thus’ creating this third parameter of thought as opposed to the two; which we share & two being which we keep to ourselves. The third has become the set norm where, what thoughts we share with the network we are in virtually while being in a network of people in real life. One could interpret it as What we upload & what is really happening backstage. Surprisingly, this is true & is happening in real life. Can’t blame them, they have gotten used to living the mask brought out by the technology itself. Technology is one bad boy.(Or girl depending on your preference! LOL).

We have now unofficially become the socially antisocial animal & the time is not much far away when we will be described as the animal who started to be the Socially Antisocial animal in order to not only be social to be antisocially social. And also a specific features of this animal would be the prominent bent neck and the partially clenched fists and the arms in the shape of letter L.

Start downloading the apps Love , compassion , Happiness , Independence in thoughts & actions to your phone of Life. These may come with bugs such as Hate, Sadness & manipulative trends. Do keep updating so that you have access to the stronger updated versions for your phone of life and also do have the touch with reality, what life really is virus guard so that your phone won’t fall to the dangerous virus spreading by the name façade of lies & masks in social media which has the ability to alter your reality thus affecting your technological gadget of Life.

With Love,

I am Mr.Smiles

Encouraging you to explore the real world.


Believing, Attitude & Perspective

I am no psychic, but I am going to tell you about your life. First & foremost you have gone through happiness & sadness. Secondly, You have gone through acceptance & rejection. Thirdly, You have gone through successes & failures. True enough ?

One might view those six emotions to be in the two extreme corners of the emotion spectrum & if that person was to elaborate on those six words, he or she might come in to the conclusion that “out of the six words, three factors are more positive in effect whereas the other three are more negative in its’ effects”. Now, if we were to show these same six words of emotions to a different person & that person simply elaborates the six emotions as “six emotions which we are to feel through the course of our lives & out of the six, three motivates us to achieve more because we feel competent & the other three teaches us a lesson & what not to do the next time I do this”. Now, we are faced with the doubt, who is correct in this situation ? both of these individuals are correct.

Why? you may ask.

Life, is no question paper for one persons’ answer to be correct & the other persons’ answer to be viewed as a wrong one.

This has only got to do with the way these two individuals decided to look upon the situation they were faced with. The way they decided to see the words ; their perspective, is the result of their respective attitudes. Believe it or not attitudes are based upon our ability to believe in ourselves & which results in your own successes.

Let me explain,

Think of a moment where you were faced with a daunting task & successfully completed the task in the end. If you were to closely think & analyze, you will realize that the reason why you were able to complete the daunting task was the belief that you had about your abilities & about yourself which changed your perspective & attitude which you had prior to starting the task.

Now, as much as the positive effect is more pleasurable, the downside is, more you believe that, your abilities are not up to par & that you are not able to complete any task, the more you hinder your abilities to be in their full drive , to act in their full potential in completing the task.

In our daily lives, we all have seen that  individual who happens to see everything in a positive note & only we know how many a times we have dreamed about being that individual.


That individual is within YOU. You are that individual too. You do not have to follow in the steps of that individual to know the wisdom of being positive. Because the wisdom is within you.

All I can say to  make you find the wisdom within you is,


sayonara until next time.

I am Mr.Smiles,

who believes in you.


The Mind Reader ,The Lunatic & The Silent Killer

  • By definition a mind reader is someone who can pinpoint what you are “thinking” without you uttering one single word. 

  •  By definition a lunatic Is a person who is mentally ill 

Here comes the twist ; By definition being mentally ill is to ” have tormenting thoughts  in his or her mind about oneself physically as well as psychologically, others around that person , the social setting they are in, the objects they come across on a daily basis to such an extent that the person would require professional assistance. “

A person is driving on the roads swirling, dodging & almost running over you or crashing into you. any person experiencing & witnessing that incident would immediately come to the conclusion that the person is a “lunatic”  or a “maniac”  This is the typical response , & I am not saying that the assumption is wrong as there is a 50% chance of that being right.

*CRASH*  Swerving & dodging ends in a disaster damaging property & ending lives of many, person found to be mentally challenged.

states the newspaper.

 Now,You might find issuing of  a drivers license to a psychologically challenged person to be quite absurd. Agreed.


Let’s rewind to that persons’ driving trials up until the day the he/she got the license. It sure was a “bumpy ride” indeed.

  • At first, running in to wooden human beings, hitting cones.
  • Then, gradually being successful in avoiding all things that should be avoided.
  •  In the end passing the written test & psych evaluation.

Now, your thoughts might be quite tangled up. The person was found to be psychologically healthy & suddenly the person is NOT ?

That my friend, is the nature of being psychologically challenged.

Now, being diagnosed with a disorder or being psychologically challenged is a battle in it itself due to the 2S principle which I came up with.

  • Social Pressure
  • Stigmatization

Before, the psychological trauma struck that person, he or she was an individual who was the same as you & I living a normal persons’ life.

  1. Waking up
  2. Doing their chores
  3. Looking After themselves & their loved ones
  4. Working to earn

In a nutshell, that is what any human being would do.

What happened ? The psychological change is what happened.

A person suffering from the psychological torment finds it difficult to have a peaceful mind & to do the chores which they were able to do back in the day.

INTERESTING!!! Sounds like a person who is physically challenged right ?

If you stand back & think about it,

  • being psychologically challenged  can lead to being physically challenged where the person tries to harm himself or herself.
  • whereas being physically challenged gives rise for the chance of you being psychologically challenged.

The severity of the two scenarios mentioned above depends on how  long the person going through the torment takes to voice it out or in the least take actions to gradually diminish the effects they are feeling through the help of a professional.

Yet the way in which our society has been brought up has stigmatized the fact that being physically challenged is much more severe than being psychologically challenged. I do not blame the people for thinking like that. Because, from their point of view being physically challenged is evidently observable & commonly talked about whereas being psychologically challenged is quite hard to observe & is rarely spoken about.

This is where social pressure actually has an effect on that particular person. If the person is in a society where being psychologically challenged is considered to be of an alien phenomenon & each and every time they try to seek help & in return are only demoralized & looked upon as an alien, they will be forced to bottle up the feelings of torment. To put it in their terms , ” I am not able to speak & nobody really cares & I am being cornered “( This is just a sugarcoated thought).

On the other hand, let’s say that the person eventually seeks the help which he/she truly deserves. When the person comes clean with the fact that they are seeking psychological help, imagine the reply being ” You go to a crazy doctor ?? How did they read your mind ? you are not sick ? are you a crazy person ? what do you have ? Just take control if it”. Imagine THAT situation. Wrap your mind around that.

There lies the second main stigmatization in a particular society where,

1.The discipline of psychology

2.The people who are practicing in the field of psychology

3. The people seeking psychological help

Are considered as ; WAIT FOR IT….

  1. The area where they read minds & deals with crazy people.
  2. The “Mind Readers” who sometimes can turnout to be crazy
  3. The Lunatics” / the people that should not be interacted with.

First & foremost, psychologists are not mind readers, some might know that & some might be in the illusion that they are. They are just professionals trained to “talk” in such a way that the person himself or herself understands the situation they are in. Which is very contradictory with the definition of the mind reader.

Secondly, They do not deal with crazy people. ; they deal with people who are finding it difficult to control emotions & feelings which he or she is experiencing due to any change in biological , psychological or social scenarios the person is exposed to.

Thirdly, the people that seek psychological help are neither cuckoo nor can they be put in to the box of lunatics, because the chance of a person seeking help of a professional being diagnosed with a psychological disorder is very slim.

We as human beings should not oversimplify any disorder be it medical or psychological. But the nature of how the society has been brought up is to be concerned with the  the physical torment a person is feeling and i to demoralize the psychological aspects of being scarred for life, without realizing the relationship which the two aspects share with each other.

If you are someone who is battling with a psychological disorder, be strong! fight the stigma like you are battling the agony day in & day out!

For all the readers out there,

It is bad enough that the people have to battle to control their psychological well being day in & day out, but to do it amidst the social pressure of disapproval of such care & stigmatization of such disorders ? That is immense pressure with the troubles they have.

Time to act & be there when it matters the most. Be it in your home,school, or even your workplace ; Awareness is the key to noticing the subtle changes. It is never too late to spread the importance of the ” Silent Killer “.

To end this post on a more thoughtful note & to leave you with something to think about ;

It is not everyone’s battle to fight the stigmatization of psychological trauma & care day in and day out, but it should be everyone’s battle to put up a valiant effort to diminish the effect of the extra psychological trauma caused to your loved ones. Because it is bad enough they have to battle to keep their mind right. But to do it amidst a society where having such an illness & seeking help is stigmatized ? that too, all alone ? I mean, if humans won’t care to stand for other humans, WHO ELSE WOULD ?

Until next time,

I am Mr.Smiles,

Over & Out.

The power of a common human.

We humans, are a very weird breed. It is a known fact that the “human being” is considered to be the most developed organism on Earth with the ability to carry out complex tasks due to the fact that we possess one of the most developed brains to go with the most complex body an organism is said to have to date.

Your body and mind are well adapted to mitigate danger ,  multiply the happiness , control the emotions, and in severe stressful deathly situations, the body works its’ butt off to keep itself up and running more than it would do in other situations. Come to think of it, your body is one heck of a smart human being itself.

Now, in having the smart human being inside each and everyone of us, then we should be quite good at avoiding things which are detrimental to us as well as others. Yet, discrimination , prejudice , stereotyping , war ,  still exist in our world. The reason being our tendency to conform to the norms & the most devastating thing you could do is to compare yourself with another person. All stereotyping is based on the differences “we” perceive in an event & the fact that we start to generalize it to everything. If I was to look at a thin person and acknowledge the fact that the person is different I am basing my assumption based on the physical appearance with respect to MYSELF. Same goes to any belief or any action.

Now, why is stereotyping so disastrous ? it starts with the simple act of comparing & finding out that you find something different in a particular person with respect to you. Then you give that social label.

Then already you have established that due to some factors the person is different from yourself.

Then, terms like minority & majority comes into play, further differentiating the two.

Then comes, their rights & our rights, which in fact if you think about it is HUMAN RIGHTS. But no, we are different. Based on what ? Skin color, sexual preferences, religious beliefs.

Then comes constitution amendments to facilitate that part of the community. WHY ? because now there are many communities based on differences in humans which we ourselves establish. Now, one country ; many communities, many rules under many acts. So satisfying to see what we humans are capable of isn’t it ?(If there are any sheldons reading this, that was sarcasm)

Now, I know that I am portraying a bad image of humans, this is just because of what we as humans are exposed to. We see discrimination as the norm, we discriminate to be in the norm. We see attempts of suicide due to the unbearable emotional outbreak & now the set norm of a solution is suicide for those who find it unbearable. Pretty disturbing to see what we humans are capable of setting as the solution, what trend we are to follow, what we should wear all controlled by one thing ; HUMANS.

Now, we know the influential factors for conforming & how trends are set & why people just follow them without even half of them realizing what that trend is. We are pretty good at focusing  on negativity as we are pretty much exposed to it day in and day out .WHAT IF, you were exposed to a smile, a helping hand from someone, someone came up to you and said that you are beautiful and smart and that kept on happening to you everyday from a different person everyday for  let’s say a month. That right there is a movement,a movement to instill happiness, to make everyone be loved  & to love one another. If movement is too huge a word, let’s just say , a trend.

Which leads to my request to all readers of this post

” Never doubt the power of a common human. If war can be the result of one person having an outbreak of terror and anger, think about the result of one person having an outbreak of love and kindness..”


With Love,


Over & Out




Try & fail or fail to try ?

Hello, lovely people!!!!

Good Morning , Good Afternoon , Good Evening & Good Night!

Now that greetings for every region has been covered ( LOL), today’s topic is a question, would you rather try & fail or fail to try ? ask yourselves that question…. NOW!

Now I know that failure is no sweet ride, it is TORTURE, the mental agony is seemingly ENDLESS. All that being true, what IF you had never tried anything that you wanted to try in the first place ? you neither would’ve known that you are good at that task nor would you have known that you suck at that task.

Now when you suck at a task MISERABLY, what will simply make you or break you is the next thought that will be coming to your mind, ” I AM GIVING UP ” Vs. ” WHAT THE HECK, LET ME TRY AGAIN “. Now do not get me wrong when I say that “Giving up is alright ” , as long as you give up on a task to take up another task which matters to you more.If giving up/ dropping out/quitting your day job wasn’t a successful path, there wouldn’t have been people by the following names ; Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates,Steve Jobs & Daniel Nainan just to name a few.

Now, ( that is the fourth NOW, up until NOW. BRAIN THIS IS ENOUGH NOW! brain! screw you!) you might be wondering whether i am having a verbal stroke or what. But no, this is the common secret in the above mentioned peoples’ lives. WEEELLLLLL, not telling the brain ” screw you” per se, but blocking the brain thoughts of “Let’s give up” and activating the “well, no harm in trying again/ I need to do this”.

Yes this is no walk in the park too, because no matter the determination, no matter the passion, there will always be numerous failures in a life & if persistent enough only would your life lead to success. *ding ding ding*, just like Mr.Disney & Disney,  Col.Sanders & KFC,  Babe Ruth & Baseball, Thomas Alva Edison & the light bulb & JUST LIKE YOU & whatever it is that makes you want to try again.

Reading this, you must be thinking, “I am not going to be a millionaire, I am not going to dropout, and i sure as hell is not  going to invent anything”. That is cool, but think of the exam you are going to face, the girl/boy you want to ask out, the job interview you want to succeed in, each and every scenario either hits you with a reality check saying ” oh hell, this isn’t my cup of tea” or just reveals an inner talent which you never thought you had in the first place. That is called , finding your true potential. Learn, live , laugh, experiment, travel. you will be amazed about your own potential to live the life you live in your dreams,

Because at the end, it is simple as this ;


Until next time,

I am Mr. Smiles,

Over & Out.

The stagnant fluid & the attitude

Clearing of assumptions : NO I do not own a vehicle even though I refer to it as my Ferrari.


Hello Fellow Humans( sound like an alien… CHECK),

Today’s motivation if you find any is coming from my life experiences. SO sit back relax & enjoy.

*Insert going back in time sound effects here*

Back in the summer of NOT ’69 but ’97, a baby boy was seeing light for the first time & that little ball of flesh had no clue whatsoever as to what the upcoming moments had in store for him, but the parents knew that something was wrong when the doctor rushed off the baby to the adjacent O.R & started to work on the baby. The parents had no clue but the doctor knew what he was witnessing & that was a mass of tissues right there protruding from the spinal cord of the baby. Doctor had no way out but try and remove the mass as much as he can with minimal damage, in which he succeeded & the baby boy survived.

Back in the resting room the parents were in distress and trying to fathom what happened , what is going to happen & in came the baby boy. The original procedure of post-labour changed. The parents wasn’t allowed to hold the baby at first, until the doctors cleared it after a few hours. Although everything was peachy two things which the doctors said kept on resonating in the parents’ minds. The first being that “there is an uncertainty whether the baby in fact would walk as he comes in to that age” & the fact that ‘there is a higher chance of him developing many side effects” & on top of that the doctors’ weird request from the parents to keep on measuring the size of the infants’ head was quite bizarre… UNTIL it really happened.

At that point is when the parents rushed the baby to the hospital & it was then and there where they found out that the baby’s brain is getting bigger and bigger due to a Stagnant Fluid, as they called, the CSF and the baby was termed to be an Infant with Hydrocephalus. This event took place within a timespan of three months. Hydrocephalus is a fancy word used to explain something which is very simple ; It is the condition name you give when the fluid inside the brain which should be drained to the body is not getting drained as it should and is becoming a fluid which is accumulating around the brain. Now this is not a threat until you have an unbearable amount of fluid exerting pressure to your skull and until it comes to the point that you start to black out. This cannot necessarily be categorized as a headache completely, yet if we were to look it at that point of view, this headache exerts the pressure throughout your head making it difficult to move your head & to keep it upright as it feels like your head is a huge rock and the pressure ranges from a minute scale to feeling like your head is on the verge of being demolished.

VOILA! now you know about hydrocephalus, which was what I grew up with & is growing up with as it was resolved using a VP shunt(pathway) . Thus, now I am living and loving life after defying the comments made of the ability to walk, (which took an interesting turn & which I will cover in future) and no more being MEGAMIND(if you understand the reference). On a side note, in anyway it has not hindered and stopped me from excelling in my studies & engaging in numerous activities throughout the 19years of my life.

To end this experience which I am grateful for, to generalize this, all I can say is ” You out there is fighting your own battles be it medical, be it psychological, and in return there will ALWAYS be a *sigh* I cannot do this because I am not this & that phase in your life which is humane & for everything you know that you do not have and cannot do, there is always something which you have and can do.’ Don’t believe me ? take a man who is in a wheelchair, what does he not have ? you would say the ability to walk, & what does he have ? a parking spot whenever he goes to a public place & also this one was told by one of my friends to me, ” You do not even have to stand when waiting to get in”, come to think of it, it is true! lol.


I am Mr.Smiles,


The 2 W’s..

          Our lives revolves around two W’s & in defining the two W’s. It is none other than the burning desire to find out WHO we are & WHAT we are. Let’s do a small exercise take a minute to think about who you are & what you are compile your answer. Now take your answer for both the questions and eliminate the following if you have it in either one of your answers : Name , Age , religious & political beliefs , physical appearance , personality traits , accolades you have and what you are hoping to gain , Your hobbies , your family roles, Profession , the vehicle you have, your monthly wage , Your marital status and sexual preferences.

            Now either you must be having ” nothing ” or ” something “.CONTROL THE URGE TO THROW STUFF AT ME.. as this is not a public speaking session & on the other hand if it was a public speaking session i would’ve gotten a good days’ workout with all the ducking , sprinting , climbing. Anyhow coming back to the topic, do not feel bad about what’s left of your answers, this just goes to show that as humans how much we depend on what we gain, what we think , what we believe in, to define something called “our place in society” . We make our own levels in society by considering each and everything with respect to ourselves, we compare , we make levels of our own when it comes to the profession saying whether it is a white collar or a blue collar profession , we make our own levels considering our wages , we make our own differences just because ones’ sexual preference is different to the majority. We make our own groups when it is the time to support a candidate for an election and we become mini politicians while the real candidates rake up votes,we rake up anger , depression , anxiety which leads to the debate between psychological & physical illnesses where ” one is important to be cured and the other should not be voiced” stigma arise. We humans just love making levels don’t we ?


   Now that you have already disregarded what you have in front of your name & for your name. Who are you & What are you now ? nope! not nothing, still you are A HUMAN BEING! yes you lost everything! money to spend,house to stay in , vehicle to drive in , clothes to be worn, BUT hey, all those can be earned back. Keep in touch with the human within you and gain what you got to gain for the pure human within you , not to divide the humans around you by the simple act of comparing. Every time you do that, you lose a bit of the pure human within you…….

                                       TRY LOSING THE HUMAN WITHIN YOU

                                        AND NOW TRY TO GET IT BACK, CAN YOU ?

until next time,

Mr. Smiles.


The first couple of words…

Greetings from the other side!


                First and foremost, my name is not Mr.Smiles (DUH!). I am in my last teen year (you can do the math). I am from Sri Lanka and that means i am an A-sian who did not necessarily get straight A’s. ( YES WE EXIST!). If i was to describe me based on grades and my Asian origin, then i am a F-sian or just feel free to substitute the famous four letter word that we commonly use, which starts with the letter F….  FOOD.

                Inspiration as per my knowledge doesn’t necessarily have to come from materialistic things, it could come from laughter , a word , a “Hey there” and well for me, it is laughter. A lot if  it….. seriously a LOT. For everyone out there it is not the same thing at all.. GOD NO! inspiration for everyone comes from a whole lot of stuff in a whole lot of ways, if it was not the case then there would be one occupation, one kind of human with the same personality, and creepy as it may sound, one family. ( Oh well, all humans being one family is kind of what we are hoping to be , spiritually not lawfully). If you have not yet found your inspiration, that’s alright. in fact that is the best place to be ; The experimenter. You people seeking for inspiration will be exposed to a lot of things, cultures, food, songs, people, countries & what not and who knows your experiences could be your inspiration itself and as a result you could become an inspiration to others.

              Lastly, stay true to you.. eat like you..sing like you.. dance like you…talk like you..shout like you.. go crazy like you.. BE YOU! as marketers would say , BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.

             Be the ” I AM  THE ONLY” not the ” I AM THE NEXT”

P.S – This is my first blogging experience so do let me know what is good and what could be better and anything at all. #KeepSmiling

until next time,