The power of a common human.

We humans, are a very weird breed. It is a known fact that the “human being” is considered to be the most developed organism on Earth with the ability to carry out complex tasks due to the fact that we possess one of the most developed brains to go with the most complex body an organism is said to have to date.

Your body and mind are well adapted to mitigate danger ,  multiply the happiness , control the emotions, and in severe stressful deathly situations, the body works its’ butt off to keep itself up and running more than it would do in other situations. Come to think of it, your body is one heck of a smart human being itself.

Now, in having the smart human being inside each and everyone of us, then we should be quite good at avoiding things which are detrimental to us as well as others. Yet, discrimination , prejudice , stereotyping , war ,  still exist in our world. The reason being our tendency to conform to the norms & the most devastating thing you could do is to compare yourself with another person. All stereotyping is based on the differences “we” perceive in an event & the fact that we start to generalize it to everything. If I was to look at a thin person and acknowledge the fact that the person is different I am basing my assumption based on the physical appearance with respect to MYSELF. Same goes to any belief or any action.

Now, why is stereotyping so disastrous ? it starts with the simple act of comparing & finding out that you find something different in a particular person with respect to you. Then you give that social label.

Then already you have established that due to some factors the person is different from yourself.

Then, terms like minority & majority comes into play, further differentiating the two.

Then comes, their rights & our rights, which in fact if you think about it is HUMAN RIGHTS. But no, we are different. Based on what ? Skin color, sexual preferences, religious beliefs.

Then comes constitution amendments to facilitate that part of the community. WHY ? because now there are many communities based on differences in humans which we ourselves establish. Now, one country ; many communities, many rules under many acts. So satisfying to see what we humans are capable of isn’t it ?(If there are any sheldons reading this, that was sarcasm)

Now, I know that I am portraying a bad image of humans, this is just because of what we as humans are exposed to. We see discrimination as the norm, we discriminate to be in the norm. We see attempts of suicide due to the unbearable emotional outbreak & now the set norm of a solution is suicide for those who find it unbearable. Pretty disturbing to see what we humans are capable of setting as the solution, what trend we are to follow, what we should wear all controlled by one thing ; HUMANS.

Now, we know the influential factors for conforming & how trends are set & why people just follow them without even half of them realizing what that trend is. We are pretty good at focusing  on negativity as we are pretty much exposed to it day in and day out .WHAT IF, you were exposed to a smile, a helping hand from someone, someone came up to you and said that you are beautiful and smart and that kept on happening to you everyday from a different person everyday for  let’s say a month. That right there is a movement,a movement to instill happiness, to make everyone be loved  & to love one another. If movement is too huge a word, let’s just say , a trend.

Which leads to my request to all readers of this post

” Never doubt the power of a common human. If war can be the result of one person having an outbreak of terror and anger, think about the result of one person having an outbreak of love and kindness..”


With Love,


Over & Out





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